Handwriting Without Tears ®

What is the Service?
By using the Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum, we aim to provide a developmentally appropriate and multisensory experience for our clients. We tailor our treatment plan based on the presenting symptoms of the client and a sequential teaching order. We then actively engage the client by interacting with materials and progressively making tasks harder in order for the client to gain mastery and confidence in writing skills.

Our personal views of the Service:
The Handwriting Without Tears® program at Mind and Motion Centers is an effective and tear-free approach to helping children gain assurance and competence in motor and writing skills. This effectively frees the client to focus on content of their work rather than the mechanics of letter formation.

Specific Techniques Employed:
We specifically utilize the Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum and their specified techniques including a variety of multisensory (visual, tactile, auditory, and movement) approaches.
To learn more about Handwriting Without Tears: www.hwtears.com

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