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SIPT - Sensory Integration and Praxis Test

What is the Service?
For assessment of the sensory integration processes that underlie learning and behavior, the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT) is utilized. The core function of this assessment helps to pinpoint specific organic problems that are often associated with learning disabilities, emotional disorders, and minimal brain dysfunction.
The certified SIPT evaluator provides the client with the assessment and scores it accordingly. Based on the results of the assessment, a treatment plan is created to form the intervention approach.
Evaluation of sensory integration and praxis test
Child’s abilitiy to process information, designed for 4-8 years old.

Specific Techniques Employed:
Every client is different. The treatment plan is based on the goals and needs of the client. The physical therapist customizes treatments in increments in order to gradually work up to the ultimate goal. Usually, a combination approach is taken between; core development, coordination and strength drills, ball play, motor planning, setting up and executing four to five step activities, and neurological training.

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