Educational Services

Educational Services

What is the Service?
The Mind and Motion Center provides tutoring and instructional assistance; including helping the student develop learning organizational skills and studying skills using state-of-the-art techniques. We can conduct an Individual Educational Plan review with your school system. We offer on-line e-mail assistance, information for using web based tools and services, and are available for direct instruction within 15 minutes of your home. For all services, we provide ongoing measurement of progress.

Our services include: assistance in the development of IEP and 504 plans, attending IEP and 504 Plan meetings, collaborating with the school to develop an appropriate learning environment for the child, determining appropriate services for the child (including qualification for Special Education), explanation of school law and the differences between Special Education, 504 Plan, and IEP, developing a BIP, and classroom observations/FBA.

Our personal views of the Service:
We focus on building student independence and self-reliance. Since learning challenges can be overcome with the right diagnosis and treatment approach; few disappear magically without intervention. Our main objective is to provide every child with the opportunity to learn and grow in the best educational environment possible. Through collaboration with parents and the school, the appropriate needs for the child can be achieved. By utilizing our services, we can help students develop reading, language, literacy, arithmetic, organizational, and study skills by providing custom tailored educational services.

Our Staff and Combined Experience:
Renee Morris, Ph.D., School Psychologist, Director of Education
Sophie Daniels, Ed.S. School Psychologist

Specific Techniques Employed:
In order to facilitate the development of reading, language and literacy skills, we recommend early assessment and intervention, before the problems become overwhelming. We offer services tailored to the student and utilize phonemic awareness and phonics/decoding training, fluency training, comprehension strategies, vocabulary skill building, writing skills, practice, and strategies, and oral expression.
To improve your child’s arithmetic skills supplementation can include calculation and reasoning, ongoing skills assessment, and strategies to improve efficiency and accuracy. Organizational strategies and study skills training is a highly beneficial tool for the student learner by exposing students to learning a metacognitive focus, solutions-oriented and real-life approaches to organizational skills, and planning of strategies to use at home and at school. Through this process we want to ensure the child’s success and fulfill each client’s academic and personal potential.

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