Speech & Language Therapy

What is the Service?
After consultation with our certified speech therapists, an action plan regarding treatment for of speech defects and disorders can be tailor made to suit the needs of the clients who require extra help in developing new speech habits. Through the use of pin-point specialty exercises and audio-visual aids, the speech therapists and client can instill the development of new speech habits.

Our personal views of the Service:
Effective communication is important in our daily living. This is why we at Mind and Motion Centers are dedicated in our commitment to help clients achieve the best possible outcome of speech therapy and realize their full potential. All of our clients are treated with respect, sensitivity, and encouragement as they progress through their individualized speech therapy program. The speech therapy is designed based on the age, needs, and learning style of the client to help maximize treatment efficacy.

Specific Techniques Employed:
The three main categories of speech therapy are articulation, language intervention, and oral motor therapy. The most appropriate technique will depend not only on the specific problem, but also its causes and the patient's personal circumstances.

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