Psychological Testing

What is the Service?
It is Mind and Motion Center’s approach to take a comprehensive evaluation of the individual before determining the best treatment plan in order to feel more confident that something isn't being missed. We use standardized and well normed techniques whenever possible and often will use tools that can provide cross-validation of a particular problem.

Our personal views of the Service:
The Mind and Motion Center takes a developmental processing approach toward understanding the evolution of behaviors and the inter-relationships between functional abilities.

Our Staff and Combined Experience
LaVaughn Jeter, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Psychometrist
Brittany Patterson, B.S. of Psychology, Psychometrist
Davera Cook, M.A. of Psychology, Psychometrist

Specific Techniques Employed:
Neuropsychology is a specialty of clinical psychology concerned with the relationships between behaviors and how brain functioning affects behavior. This brain-behavior relationship is evaluated through the use of various assessment techniques. There are many assessment techniques used in the evaluation of neuropsychological versus psychological referrals that require experience and know-how to use properly and effectively. Tests are based on intellectual, cognitive, electrochemical, sensory/motor achievement, visual, auditory, language skills, emotion, and personality functioning.

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