Which insurance plans do you accept?
  • Aetna
  • AmBetter
  • AmeriGroup
  • BlueCross Blue Shield
  • Caresource
  • Cenpatico/ Peachstate
  • Cigna- Part of Out of Network Benefits
  • Humana- Part of out of network benefits
  • Medicaid
  • Meritain
  • TriCare
  • UMR
  • United Healthcare
  • Wellcare

If we are not an in-network provider for you we can still bill to your out-of-network benefit if you
have one.

What should I expect as a new patient?
  1. Intake Appointment (one hour): This appointment includes the client as well as their parent or guardian.  No formal testing is conducted at this time. A review of the following is conducted during this session: Medical and Family history, Areas of concern, the client’s strengths, and a summary of all previous assessments. A test battery is designed after this initial session based on the client’s
  2. Testing Day (testing hours): Testing may be conducted by a trained testing assistant supervised by the referring psychologist. Typically, parents/guardians are not present during testing unless it is requested. Parents are asked to bring snacks along, as children take one or more breaks during these sessions. Time of testing varies upon individual to individual; it is best to plan on a whole day allotment for testing although it may not take that long.
  3. Feedback appointment (one hour):This appointment is scheduled approximately three to four weeks after the final testing session. The doctor will go over the evaluation with clients and include diagnostic impressions and comprehensive recommendations which are given to the family
What is psychological/neuropsychological testing?
Psychological testing is a comprehensive assessment of an individual comprising a clinical interview and various psychological tests that reveal various cognitive and emotional characteristics of the person. Neuropsychological testing also involves looking at additional abilities such as fluency, processing abilities, and exploration of various causes for psychiatric illness. The purpose of psychological testing is to gain more insight into how a person views his or her world as well as identify key stressors with which the individual is struggling. Academic, social, and treatment recommendations are developed into a treatment plan based on test results.
What kinds of tests will I have to take?
The tests administered may vary depending on the person’s age, abilities, and the testing referral question. Generally, the test battery consists of tests measuring your cognitive abilities and emotional and personality characteristics. Our test batteries are completely customized for each individual client based on the referral question, strengths/weaknesses, and areas of concern.
At what age should I have my child evaluated if I suspect learning/emotional/behavioral difficulties?
Early intervention is always the best course in order to prevent later problems. This is especially important if problems are moderate or severe. Typically we see children starting at age two although occasionally developmental evaluations are done before this time.
How often should my child be evaluated?
Typically, we recommend an evaluation every one to two years. Insurance and Medicaid usually only reimburse for one evaluation per calendar year.
Who do we serve?
Mind & Motion offers services to young children, adolescents, and adults. We work extensively with school-age children, but we also see preschoolers at risk for future school difficulties, college students who may need specific accommodations based on learning differences, and adults who may be experiencing job performance difficulties relative to an attention or learning problem. Our referrals come from a variety of sources, including physicians, schools, colleges, corporations, friends, families and clients themselves.
Are evaluations covered by my insurance?
In some instances, insurance companies require pre-approval for psychological assessment. These requests to approve testing are submitted to the insurance after the initial appointment and take most insurance companies 5-10 business days to process and respond. In other cases, insurance companies require parents to call for pre-approval before the initial appointment. Some insurances place a limit on the number of assessment hours that are covered annually or per lifetime. Additionally, some plans do not reimburse for mental health coverage. In most cases, insurance companies will not approve assessments if the primary concern is learning/academics. Increasingly, insurance companies are denying coverage for attention concerns and autism spectrum disorders. At times, insurance also will deny testing after it has been completed and an appeals process will be required. While our office attempts to let patients know ahead of time regarding benefits check, much of the preauthorization procedure depends on your individual insurance plan. Also, even if insurance is pre authorized, it does not guarantee payment. When approval is denied by insurance companies, or when you are paying out-of-pocket, a fee agreement will be prepared so that you will be fully informed of costs prior to any formal testing. A payment plan may be developed at your request.
Will my school, employment, or physician receive information about my test results?
The results of the evaluation are provided only to the client/guardian. The report can then be distributed as you wish.
My child’s school also conducts evaluations. What is the difference between a school evaluation and a neuropsychological/psychological evaluation?
One of the main differences is that a school evaluation cannot provide you with a psychological diagnosis. The school district’s evaluation primary focus is to determine eligibility for special education services, thus the culmination of the report is either a yes/no statement regarding whether the child appears to meet the district’s / state department of education’s guidelines for eligibility for special education services as opposed to a more in-depth evaluation. Also, our evaluations culminate in recommendations and referrals for services that are not only available through the school district, but also through private therapists, schools, tutors, and educational consultants in the area. Our evaluations also include sample educational and school accommodations as well.
Does testing help with Individualized Education Planning (IEP) or 504 plans in the school?
We can complete the medical report necessary to initiate the IEP or 504 plan for your child. We can refer you to a specialist to assist in additional IEP or 504 plan consultation.