Parent Effectiveness Training

Parent Effectiveness Training

Parent Effectiveness Training

Parenting a child or teen with special needs, whether it’s a physical, psychological, emotional, or developmental disorder, is one of the most demanding challenges that any family could face. Even without the challenges of a special needs child, parenting is hard. These added challenges can make it feel nearly impossible at times.

Parenting a child requires unique skills that entail additional time, effort, energy, and overall commitment. Additionally, you’ll need to develop a deep understanding of how to best handle a wide variety of situations and challenges. Each child comes into this world with their own individual needs and adaptive abilities. A commitment this big can be draining, and can even negatively impact your career, your relationships, your marriage, and even your own general well-being.

It’s important to be willing to learn the necessary skills to be able to effectively parent your child to help them be more appropriate and successful socially and sometimes academically.  while also maintaining your own well-being. Neglecting self-care can lead to anxiety, burnout, and feelings of helplessness. Indulging in self-care often elicits feelings of guilt, but not doing so will not only make you feel worse. Learning the right techniques to bring balance into your life and the life of the family is so important for everyone. Finding something that helps you with your well-being – whether it’s therapy, meditation, or something else – is a crucial element in being an effective parent.

Mind and Motion offers Parenting Effectiveness Training for this reason. The purpose of this training is to teach behavioral strategies and interventions that can be used at home, at school,  and in various settings where children tend to have behavior management difficulties.

​Mind & Motion’s Parent Effectiveness Training

Mind and Motion’s Parent Effectiveness Training teaches pivotal techniques to help address the many challenges parents face and improve interactions with children. Sessions are scheduled individually with parents and will address the following issues:

  • Natural consequences
  • Appropriate expectations
  • Time Out or other consequences
  • Meeting the emotional needs of your child/teen
  • How parents give away their power
  • How parents get their buttons pushed
  • Appropriate restrictions for a given behavior.


Parents will be asked to participate in sessions, learn new skills, role-play, complete various assignments, and rate their child’s success with each skill. Furthermore, parents will be involved with practicing reciprocal skills with their children. Topics for these sessions include, but are not limited to: using descriptive statements, direct commands, labeled rewards, and other effective strategies for behavior management. The focus of PET is to use positive rewards for positive behaviors. Parents need to learn that the most valuable reinforcer to a child is the special love and attention they get from their parents and parents use this special relationship to help guide their children to learning more appropriate behaviors.

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