Social Skills Groups

What is the Service?
The Mind and Motion Centers hosts a social skills group, summer camps, and a handwriting group. Each group is specifically tailored to either developing social or fine motor skills. Children with social challenges benefit greatly from the content and clear structures of our programs.

Social Skills Group
This social skills group addresses appropriate peer interactions, problem solving skills, role playing, as well as general social/conversational skills necessary to have well-rounded inter-personal skills. Through group interactions, your child will become more aware of how he/she is perceived by others and will be motivated to improve their social skills. This group is designed to form a team-like bond, and will help each to child to feel like an important part to a whole. Also, the group will incorporate fine/visual motor skills, as well as bilateral skills.

Summer Camp
Mind and Motion is delighted to provide an opportunity for children with special needs to participate in a summer camp experience with low child to therapist ratio and the ability to address specific goals. Because of our low child to therapist ratio, there is individualized attention throughout the day to address specific goals.

Handwriting Group
It is a fun and exciting way to work on improving your child's handwriting skills through socialization, strengthening, and various motor planning mediums such as sound, vision, and tactile. This program is based on the Handwriting without Tears Program®.

Our Staff and Combined Experience
All of our Allied Health staff has training in the Social Skills groups, which are crafted to attend both and elementary school and a high school population.

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