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The Mind and Motion Developmental Center in Johns Creek, Georgia was established  in 2014. Mind and Motion is the only option in the Johns Creek/Forsyth area where  families can find an array of specialized services dedicated to improving the lives of  those with developmental and mental health disabilities.  

The conceptualization of this innovative practice model was the creation of world renowned neuropsychologist, Dr. David Cantor PhD, who specializes in the treatment of  clients with developmental disabilities. Dr. Cantor ran a private practice throughout the  mid 90’s specializing in pediatric psychological evaluations. The children he treated  had complex developmental and mental health disabilities, almost always requiring  more than one discipline of therapy to achieve their greatest potential and be more  successful throughout life. Dr. Cantor soon discovered through this process, that the  families he worked with could not get access to multiple therapies which meant stifling  the child’s improvement. The three main obstacles these families were facing were  financial, logistical, and lack of communication between providers. The multiple  therapies were either not accepted by the insurance, the different therapy clinics were  too far away from one another or the multiple practitioners providing these therapies  were not communicating clinical info effectively to best serve the patient.  

Dr. Cantor’s commitment to resolving these issues and dedication to enhancing the  lives of his patients regardless of status became what is now the mission of Mind and  Motion Developmental Center.  

“Mind and Motion Developmental Center strives to assist our clients in recognizing,  increasing, and achieving their optimized potential for greater success in everyday life.  Mind and Motion offers an all-encompassing set of integrative health services focused  on enhancing developmental potential for every individual we treat. The  multidisciplinary team at Mind and Motion achieves this through the application of  brain-based techniques and evidence-based treatment interventions. Our mission is to  create a model practice that combines research and cutting-edge technologies to  deliver improved outcomes for everyone we treat regardless of age or ability. We are  determined to become a national and world standard for applying brain-behavior  sciences in treatment and other specialized services all in one location."

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