Occupational Therapy

What is the Service?
Pediatric Occupational Therapists specialize in working with children and are trained to create opportunities for them to master developmental tasks and achieve independence in their home, school, and community. A child may be referred to an occupational therapist because of: clumsiness, difficulty with grasp or motor skills and difficulty playing or socializing effectively. Primarily, a screening is done to assess the functioning of visual, fine motor skills, and sensory processing skills. After the initial screening is completed, occupational therapists would be able to perform an evaluation to determine the level of development of the child.
In addition, informal clinical observations and parent interviewing help the therapist to determine how well the child sensory processing systems function and how effectively he/she can motor plan within his/her environment. Once the assessment is at it’s finishing point, the therapist most likely will determine whether therapy is recommended and the rationale for treatment.

Our personal views of the Service:
We take an all-inclusive approach to providing as much training to the family and the child as needed to help foster a sense of independence with family and daily functioning activities. Utilizing goals set by both the client and the family, we take these goals into consideration and seat quantifiable goals to progressively achieve the final goal. After treatment is concluded, therapy goals are maintained by home programs.

Specific Techniques Employed:
The occupational therapists utilize various types of measures to help the following issues; sensory processing, sensory integration, motor planning (praxis), fine motor skills, handwriting skills, play and social skills, self-care, oral motor function, environmental adaptations, and adaptive equipment modifications.

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