Our Services

 Mind and Motion offers a set of uniquely comprehensive and integrated health services, providing personalized care in one convenient location. Our treatment plans are specifically designed to optimize the potential of each individual regardless of age or diagnoses.  

Allied Health Services

Allied Health Services

Allied Health Services Activity
Mind and Motion’s Allied Health team specializes in using a multidisciplinary approach, where our Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapists provide quality services for children with a variety of needs. We are committed to providing quality therapeutic services through professional intervention with integrity and compassion creating an environment where each child and family’s specific goals and needs are met.

Neurotherapy & Biofeedback Services

Neurotherapy & Interactive Metronome Therapy

Neurotherapy, sometimes called Neurofeedback or EEG Biofeedback, gives the individual a tool with which to change various types of electrical activity in the brain. We provide neurotherapy services in northern Atlanta GA - Suwanee, and one of our growing techniques is interactive metronome therapy, which can be used to help ADD/ADHD patients. Research has shown that brain waves in individuals with ADD/ADHD contain excess slow waves (theta) and not enough fast waves (beta) or other types of wave imbalances. These imbalances in electrical activities actually reflect imbalances in neurochemical activity in the brain. Neurotherapy provides methods of stimulation and training which corrects electrical activity imbalances and often has an effect to influence neurochemical activity resulting in improved functioning.

Psychological Evaluation & Cognitive Testing

Mind & Motion's Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is a comprehensive assessment of an individual comprised of a clinical interview and various psychological tests that reveal various cognitive and emotional characteristics of the person. Neuropsychological testing also involves looking at additional abilities such as fluency, processing abilities, and exploration of various causes for psychiatric illness. The purpose of psychological testing is to gain more insight into how a person views his or her world as well as identify key stressors with which the individual is struggling. Academic, social, and treatment recommendations are developed into a treatment plan based on test results.

Psychotherapy Services

Mind & Motion's Counseling Services

Adult and children's counseling services or psychotherapy services provided by the professionally trained and licensed staff at Mind and Motion Center provide the services of professional guidance in treating a range of mental health disorders, as well as social / emotional difficulties. Research based treatment options are available to clients based on the needs of the client. Our staff, with over 40 years of combined experience, and all licensed to practice by the State of Georgia, can provide a variety of therapeutic methods during treatment sessions for clients to obtain personal insight, develop problem solving and life enhancing skills, while accomplishing their goals.