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wecreate / March 5, 2024
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The ABCs of What to Look for in a Child Psychologist in Atlanta, Ga.


Parenting isn’t child's play, especially when your child is struggling and you don’t know what to look for in a child psychologist in Atlanta. Ga. While all kids go through the ups and downs of childhood and adolescence, concerns can come up that make you wonder as a parent whether your child needs more support than just a hug or a pep talk from you. At times like these, you may consider seeking a helping hand from a professional. If you are looking for a child psychologist in Atlanta, Ga., how do you find the right professional for your child? Whether your child is struggling with behavioral problems, bullying, anger, sadness or fear, learning what qualities to look for (and which traits should you avoid) can guide you to the right child psychologist in Atlanta, Ga., that can help your child grow out of their troubles and into a happy, well-adjusted kid.


Good Advice on Choosing a Child Psychologist in Atlanta, Ga.

While feeling that your child needs help is one thing, finding that help can leave you as anxious and frustrated as your child! But rather than becoming overwhelmed, understand the four qualities that make not only a good psychologist, but one that is good for your family.

Pay Special Attention to the Therapist’s Specialty

A psychologist’s experience affects your family’s own. While you may discover many different names and options for a child psychologist in Atlanta, Ga., you need to first consider whether the professional has specialized training in child and adolescent psychology. Start by looking at the letters after the provider’s name, which are titles based on their levels of education and areas of expertise. While there are many types of counselors and therapists that focus on different areas of mental well-being, you want a psychologist who specializes in mental health issues. Psychologists have earned a doctorate in psychology, either a Ph.D or Psy.D., which gives them a more comprehensive background in psychology than general counselors. Only professionals with these credentials have the knowledge and experience to help children and adolescents express themselves in healthy ways while teaching them the skills and strategies they need to cope with their concerns. 

Find A Comfortable Fit

Not only does your child need to be comfortable with the therapist, but you need to feel the same way! This usually begins by meeting or speaking with the psychologist first. This allows you as a parent to get a sense of the person that you will be trusting to help your child. After all, you know your child better than anyone, and this will help you know which therapist is the best choice for your family. 

Look Locally

Finding a therapist who meets all of your credentials and criteria close to home can make a difference in your child’s progress. See, long car trips can make your child anxious or angry about seeing a therapist. In addition, extended travel times can affect your ability and availability to schedule regular in-person visits. While virtual appointments appear to be just as effective, it is believed that in-person sessions allow for a more thorough assessment.

Consider the Personal Side of the Professional

Not all child psychologists are created equal. Just as important as a therapist that looks good on paper is one that is good in person. Certain qualities that enhance a therapist’s performance include being a good listener, patience, flexibility and genuine care for others.

Today, Finding a Child Psychologist in Atlanta, Ga., Is Kids’ Stuff

Luckily, there is no need for lengthy travel times, sacrifices or compromises because the child psychologist in Atlanta, Ga., with the qualities you want and the credentials your child needs can be found at Mind & Motion. Since 2014, Mind & Motion has been trusted by families throughout the community for the psychological services and support to enhance the developmental potential of each and every child. 

If your child is struggling or suffering, contact Mind & Motion today to make the first step toward positive change.


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