Specialized Care for Nonverbal Learning Disabilities

wecreate / November 30, 2023
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Developing a strategy for your child to begin overcoming their struggles with Nonverbal Learning Disability can be a crucial first step in improving their life and level of academic achievement. At Mind and Motion, this process begins with booking an initial appointment. During the intake process, we will get to know you and your child and chart a course of action backed by our experience, data, and research. 

We know how to develop an effective program of specialized care for Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and invite you to read more below and throughout our website prior to booking your child’s first visit to our treatment center.

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Understanding The Struggles and Signs of a Nonverbal Learning Disability

A key to understanding nonverbal learning disabilities is that they often go unnoticed until a child begins to mature. For example, a child may prove to be a capable reader, speak well, and be able to memorize information. Signs of their disability are more likely to show during interpersonal communication. Challenges experienced by children and teens with a nonverbal learning disability may include difficulty reading facial cues, struggles with visual-spatial skills, physical coordination issues, and fine motor skills. 

A youth with a Nonverbal Learning Disability may also find it hard to be organized or pay attention. Despite their ability to speak and memorize information, if left untreated, these symptoms can prevent them from having academic and social success. At Mind and Motion, we have targeted treatment methods that we tailor to our patients' symptoms and goals. These practiced methods are backed by data and research and are intended to address challenges associated with children and young adults who are dealing with a Nonverbal Learning Disability.


Individualized Nonverbal Learning Disorder Care

Every child or young adult dealing with a Nonverbal Learning Disability has a unique experience. The recognition of their personal challenges is crucial in developing an individualized care plan. Mind and Motion is centered around the idea that to treat many learning disabilities, multiple treatment styles can be required. Traditionally, receiving diversified treatment has required visiting multiple treatment centers and often struggling with insurance related headaches. 

We aim to provide a different form of treatment. At Mind and Motion your child can receive a range of treatments under one roof. While their care plan will be individualized, being able to have their complete treatment plan administered by one team can make the process less stressful and more effective.


Offering Interactive Metronome Therapy and Neurotherapies

Despite each patient having individual needs, there are common forms of therapy that have proven effective in treating a range of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities. One field of therapy include Interactive Metronome Therapy performed at Mind and Motion Development Centers of Georgia. Interactive Metronome (IM) involves an assessment followed by a tailored training program. As the name would suggest, this therapy involves a beat that the patient works to synchronize their body movements to. The process can involve up to 20 different games and a range of music designed specifically for this therapy method. These games and the involvement of music are intended to improve attention, motor skills, and sequencing.

In addition to Interactive Metronome therapies, we perform a range of neurotherapies for nonverbal learning challenges as well. While the methods of performing neurotherapy can vary, the goals tend to be the same. Using a range of sensory stimulants, the intent is to train the patient's brain. Neurotherapy is unlike physical therapy where benefits are intended to be experienced quickly. Instead, a patient with a Nonverbal Learning Disability can experience long term improvement in their learning abilities as a result of properly administered neurotherapy.


Contact Mind and Motion to Schedule an Initial Visit

Our staff is busy caring for our growing number of patients. This makes it important to schedule your child’s appointment at Mind and Motion sooner than later. We want to help your loved one overcome the challenges of having a nonverbal learning disability and delaying care will only make improvement more challenging. 

If you contact us soon, you can have peace of mind that your child’s treatment plan will soon be developed, and can begin being administered by our expert staff.

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