Receive Dysexecutive Syndrome Treatment from Trusted Professionals

wecreate / February 1, 2024
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Receive Dysexecutive Syndrome Treatment from Trusted Professionals

The ways executive dysfunctions can manifest vary and this means that treatment plans for dysexecutive syndrome must be flexible to be effective. Mind & Motion Developmental Centers of Georgia is where patients in need come for tailored treatment for their struggles with executive functioning. Our treatment center is growing rapidly because patients throughout the Northern Atlanta, GA area have found our team accommodating, thoughtful, and skilled in treating their unique challenges with certain execution functions. If you are seeking the right treatment plan for yourself or a loved one, we invite you to contact us and schedule an initial appointment. The sooner you book this first treatment, the quicker we can develop a treatment plan that will aim to lead to marked improvements in executive functioning.

Begin Dysexecutive Syndrome Treatment

Executive functioning problems include challenges with inhibition, behavioral regulation, emotional regulation, initiation of tasks (procrastination), mental flexibility, task monitoring, working memory, planning, and organization. Difficulties in executive functions most often accompany disorders like ADHD, Schizophrenia, Brain injuries, and others, however, it can be a stand alone set of behavioral challenges. Problems with executive functioning are often thought to be a dysfunction in the frontal lobes of the brain which can occur in the course of development or due to intervening injury or disease process. It is typically assessed by psychological testing instruments often with verification of brain dysfunction by techniques such as quantitative EEG (qEEG). Mind and Motion provides a number of test instruments including the qEEG testing to indicate dysexecutive syndrome. Once identified, techniques such as neurofeedback therapy to improve functioning in the frontal lobes along with programs of executive functioning coaching through our occupational therapy services can be employed to offset these challenges. Dysexecutive Syndrome rarely can get better without some form of intervention and often will appear to get worse with aging from childhood to adulthood simply because the demands of task complexities and the need to do multitasking increases with development.

A Healthcare Provider with Creative Yet Tested Treatments for Dysexecutive Syndrome

Something that sets the Mind & Motion team apart is our willingness to blend time-tested treatments with the most advanced modern methods available. For example, we specialize in a range of occupational therapies interventions as well as data backed neurotherapy treatments. We can provide these forms of treatment and more as part of a standalone or multi-faceted care plan. The specialists at our treatment facility are practiced in working across disciplines with other team members to provide various treatments to patients to achieve a common goal. We have structured our practice this way to allow patients to get all the care they need under a single roof.

Helping to Treat a Range of Executive Dysfunctions

Whether you are seeking to improve your organization skills, regulate your emotions, manage time better, or get better at problem-solving, we have treatments that can help. We know that Dysexecutive Syndrome can impact patients differently and we also understand that treatment goals are rarely the same from patient to patient. This is why we have put together a variety of treatments that can be provided singularly or as a combination.

Receive Targeted Treatment Tailored to Adult and Child Patients

You or your loved one may have always struggled with Dysexecutive Syndrome or began to have issues related to a head injury, complications from another disorder, or something else altogether. Regardless of its cause or how the symptoms present, we have a range of treatments we can offer to help you work toward improving your condition.
We treat both children and adults with executive dysfunctions using occupational therapies and neurotherapy methods mentioned above along with a host of other options. While we have many treatments our team specializes in, knowing the right one or set of treatments cannot be determined until we get to know each patient. At the beginning of treatment, we learn what a child or adult is struggling with and find out what their treatment goals are. With this knowledge, we can chart out a Dysexecutive Syndrome treatment course that is tailored to each patient's situation.

Mind & Motion Treatment Centers are Busy, So Book Your First Appointment Now

It is never too soon or too late to begin Dysexecutive Syndrome treatment. This makes booking an intake appointment at Mind & Motion soon important. In addition to getting treatment sooner than later, booking now will help you avoid delays in being seen by our team of development specialists. As noted above, our list of patients is growing quickly, and we can only take on new patients who we can devote adequate time and attention to. We want to help you, your child, or your loved one begin to improve their executive functioning and we invite you to book an initial appointment now to avoid treatment delays.

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