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wecreate / November 10, 2023
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Since 2014, Mind & Motion has earned the trust of Georgians who are seeking a thoughtful approach to the treatment of behavioral disorders. Our research indicates that one-dimensional behavior disorder treatment is often insufficient for patients. The Mind & Motion philosophy is that treatment for behavioral disorders should be tailored to each patient. We also believe that our approach must be multi-faceted when the patient's symptoms and needs call for a complex treatment plan. In this article you can develop an understanding of the sorts of behavioral disorders we treat and the forms of treatment we commonly utilize to help our patients. If you find the idea of having a tailored treatment plan put together for your or your loved one’s behavioral challenges, reach out to us to book an initial appointment.

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Access Treatment for ADHD from Experienced Medical Professionals

Were you or your child diagnosed with ADHD and feel that your current treatment plan is not leading to improvement? Mind & Motion is ready to help you chart a new course of action. ADHD is one of the behavioral disorders our team of medical professionals is well versed in treating. According to the DSM-V, ADHD can have a major impact on self-control and the ability to maintain attention. These challenges can impact not just functioning in day-to-day life, but also development. The good news is we have multiple styles of treatment that we have found to be successful in combating the negative effects of ADHD. We will describe these methods below so you can gain a better understanding of our areas of specialization and treatments prior to booking an appointment.

Find Help for Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and More

If you or a loved one are struggling to deal with Conduct Disorder or Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), we have treatment options you will want to consider. At Mind & Motion our goal is to understand the current condition of each patient and then to develop an action plan. Behavioral challenges such as Conduct Disorder and ODD can include different symptoms in different patients, so a mere diagnosis is not enough for us to know how best to treat each individual case. This is why we specialize in a range of treatments for behavioral disorders.


Providing Multiple Styles of Behavioral Disorder Treatments

Not all behavioral disorders are the same and neither are all patients. To treat them properly can require a range of solo or combined care solutions. Examples of the care we offer include pediatric occupational therapy, neurotherapy, and biofeedback services. 

If you are seeking to schedule behavioral disorder treatment for your child, pediatric occupational therapy or speech therapy may be considered as the techniques in these modalities are focused on helping children master basic tasks so they can thrive in school and at home. Due to the impact of disorders such as ADHD, Autism, and other childhood developmental problems, optimal behavioral adaptive abilities can be hindered leaving the child bewildered and frustrated. These modalities in a combination with other behavioral techniques can often lead to optimal improvement in the way a child behaves in a variety of environments.  

Neurotherapy and Biofeedback techniques are focused more on what are believed to be core issues related to brain developmental problems that led to disorders such as ADHD. Neurotherapy is designed to treat brain functional imbalances as measured in the brain waves that some medical experts view as a culprit in causing the attention-related issues that present with ADHD. There are various methods that do not require the use of drugs to successfully improve this and other conditions, and our team will work with you or your child to determine which one or ones will be the best to pursue.


Get to Know Mind & Motion’s Behavioral Disorder Treatment Philosophy

The philosophy that Mind & Motion Developmental Centers of Georgia is founded on is the belief that there is rarely a one-size-fits all approach to treating complex disorders. Instead, we develop our behavioral disorder treatments around the needs of each individual patient. These treatment plans will typically involve multiple styles of treatment, such as those mentioned above. To be able to allow families and individuals in need of various treatment styles to get what they need in one place, we accept insurance that is more open to approving combined treatments, especially when provided by a single organization. We also offer out of pocket treatments that are difficult to access through traditional healthcare centers. You can review the insurance carriers we accept and what treatments require out of pocket payments right on our website prior to requesting your appointment.

We want to be your one-stop provider of treatment for behavioral disorders and look forward to providing you with the help and care you or your loved one needs.

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