Tira Clay, PhD

Dr. Tira Harney Clay received her Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Psychology. She was as a National Institute’s of Health (NIH) mental health scholar from Spelman College.  Her work as an honors scholar was accomplished in the field of biopsychology and neuroscience at the University of Michigan with a focus on amphetamine-induced epilepsy and the effects of amphetamine-induced behaviors in the brain. Her honors research at Georgia Tech was in the field Industrial/Organizational Psychology where she focused on leadership skills, self-esteem, and mood–related behaviors in physically and sexually abused women.   She received her Masters of Science in Applied Psychology from Stevens Institute of Technology and her Doctorate in Applied (Clinical) Psychophysiology from Saybrook University-California where her dissertation work focused on quantitative EEG correlates in women with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).  Dr. Clay is currently pursuing dual licensure as a Professional Counselor in Georgia. She also received coaching certifications in Health and Mental Health, and various other certifications in Interactive Metronome, Bioregulatory Medicine, and Natural Health. She has worked directly with children, adolescents, adults and their families providing CORE behavioral health and Intensive Family Intervention (IFI) services, psychotherapy, and other behavioral medicine–related modalities including neurotherapy in both private and community mental health clinics.  She also uses her knowledge and experience acquired as a former college president and academician, to consult with universities, colleges, and public health entities where she develops mental health and other health and wellness related curriculum, textbooks, and educational materials. She is an active member of numerous associations including the Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback and the International Society of Neuroregulation, and Board of Directors/Executive Committees to include the American College of Psychotherapy and the Transformational Leadership Collaborative. Dr. Clay continues to train and study directly under some of the most respected experts in the fields of neuropsychology, clinical/health psychology, behavioral medicine, psychiatry, and integrative mental health.