Sensory Modulation Disorder

Sensory Modulation Disorder

What is Sensory Modulation Disorder?

Sensory modulation is a category of sensory disorders, with three subtypes of its own. The first is sensory over-responsivity. We call this child the “avoider,” because she goes out of her way to avoid sensory stimulation — by covering her ears, hiding under her desk, or closing her eyes. Her sensory input is too sensitive, and everything seems like too much for her.

The second subtype is under-responsivity; this child is the “disregarder.” This child won’t notice what’s going on around him — even if it’s extra loud, right and colorful, or an extreme temperature. His sensory input is muted, so he often seems uncaring or withdrawn. In reality, he just isn’t noticing what’s happening to his senses.

The third subtype is sensory craving; this child is known as the “seeker,” or sometimes, the “bumper and crasher.” This child wants sensations, as many as possible. She’ll be a daredevil, climbing to the highest branch or swinging the farthest on the tire swing. Her sensory input is never enough, and she always wants more, more, more.